Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is It Strange I Should Change I Don't Know, Why Don't You Ask Her.

So the No BS contest is under full swing I can't
even get it to ring I tried many times already
wish me luck!
I got the tractor running last night
( Yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
well when I say I got it running I meant
my buddy AL gotter going but I was there
We brought it to his garage where it's warm
I changed a few of his wall calenders to past babes
re decorating the place
I don't know a dam thing about small motor electrical
Like a fly on the wall so far so good
I could be on my way to plowing snow soon

(I was bored and reading Sorry!)

It is full out turkey week here at the work
All the turkeys this week are on days
So before my mouth gets me in trouble
I'm hiding in my office reading blogs and weird news
I'm Not much of a vegetarian but Ms Doodle made a veggie stew
last night It warmed me right up
lots of spicy goodness and it was really filling
I think the authors of this book stole my ideas
Too bad they don't know all my tricks
Now I just need secrets to winning the hundred bucks on the NO BS contest

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