Monday, January 28, 2008

Black Rooms To Babysit and White Halls To Pace Away From It

Simple Human
Was the thing I had a huge rant about yesterday
Lemme explain
OK so were at Bed Bath and Beyond or whatever the store is called
I'm walking and I notice a toilet plunger with a $152 price tag
Now who in there right mind would pay that for something your gonna stick in shit?
Obviously someone....Do you realize you can buy a new toilet for that price
The killer of it all is I went to the website and they only want $25 for the plunger
So I think I read the wrong tag or the store people have a hell of a mark-up
Then I started thinking All is not lost here.
When I die I wanna be buried with this "ritzy hoyti toyti plunger"
cause I figure all the shit that's gonna be thrown my way in the afterlife
$152 plunger should handle it.

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Alison said...

You always have a way of putting a spin on are so funny my brother---love ya, for you have the quirkiest, wittiest sense of humor around!!