Friday, December 28, 2007

There's A Light Out There Somewhere

I don't know whats going on with my nose these days
Sensory overload I smell everything
Like this air freshener that was sprayed at work
I think it's burned into my nasal cavity
trying to escape that I go to my office
My office smells like Tikka Masala
and air freshener
Weird cause the last time I made it was months ago
Gonna eat some this weekend
I have it in the brain
a craving
Frozen in me fridge there be a wee sample
I could cook with rice

My necks sore as hell
Really bugging me these days
this morning I was secretly wishing
I had got a machete for Christmas
So I could lob off my head in one great swipe
But I decided to go with plan "B"
6 Advil and a Doctors Appointment Wed Jan 2
Gonna fire up the chop saw this weekend
That's right Advil and power tools
I have intentions of making a work table
then I'm gonna attempt to make a picture frame
notice I said attempt
I have a door to sand but I'm waiting for a nice
snow free day so I can do it outside
4 days off coming up
I should get one of em done
Remember the lawn tractor
well it's still parked
My mechanically inclined friend
was supposed to look at it after the holidays
Gotta call him and find out
Then I gotta try to get it there
There's never a dull moment
There's supposed to be a poker game tonight
not too interested in going
gonna be people from the old crowd there
To tell you the truth
there the old crowd for a reason
Although it would be nice to see em
I'm 70/30 in favor of not going
I was in the other night
but they cancelled the game
Good Thing cause
I'm broke anyhow
Happy New Years to you and yours!

1 comment:

The Man said...

I ended up going and lost!