Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long Distance

Things are good!
I learned how to make blackened chicken yesterday
Of course I said I knew how
gotta be Rico smooth in the kitchen or she'll catch on
but truth is last night was the first time ever.
I think it turned out good
On the menu was Blackened Chicken Cesar Salad
Had some company later on and got some perfection tips on making the saltfish
turns out the first batch was waaaaaaayyyyy to salty
I know it sounds funny... salt fish that's salty
but too much really ruins the fish.
Moving on here
Were going to get a tree for Christmas this weekend
Turns out we had a tree stand tug of war and I lost
no charlie brown trees allowed
At least it's good excuse to pull the snow machine out
tree hunting at 60mph
I never had a real Christmas tree growing up
Always wanted to but it never happened
then I moved out
did not even put a tree up at all cause
there was no point to set one up for myself
This year it's different and I'm stoked
Homemade decorations
penis shaped Christmas baking(Thanks)
gift wrapping
lots of snacking
seafood supper (turkeys for suckers)
good wine, beer and spirits
lots of time under the stinkin mistle toe
Fresh snow
The glow of happiness
lighting up the room
or maybe that was fathead knocking over the tree
not sure but
Christmas is my favorite holiday
If I had to pick one
This year in the mix of my birthday and Christmas
I already got what I wanted so
Everything else is all a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I clicked on the link for saltfish, and whatever that was did NOT look appetizing!! LOL!