Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Music At Work

Hello sports fans
A flippin fantastic time was had this Christmas break
till today (645 am today to be more specific)
We went to a seafood party( Thanks to Nova and family)
Also dubbed "The Turkey is for suckers" party
Met a few new people
I ate enough to feed a small village
Smoked Christmas hash
Drank beer till the wee hours
opened a present or two
I now own A pimpin pizza stone
(send pizza ideas here)
Was up at 10am boxing day feeling fine
weird you would think I would be hung
I guess the non stop gorging was a savior
or the hour drive back to metro
Did I mention all this fun stuff happened way way out in the bush?
I was feelin so fine when we got home
I made a five dollar shake on my nifty new milkshake maker
You wanna know what's in a five dollar shake?
Send me five bucks and I will tell you
fo sure the best five bucks you'll ever spend
trust me

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