Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ants Marching

So shopping is going OK
Got some stuff last night and with any luck today I will finish
I really don't get the Christmas thing
Society dictates that Christmas is all about shopping
I'm in it for the food, drink and company
Granted it's nice to get a gift but the hype is outta control
I know I said it was my favorite holiday,
still is but not for the shopping
I think the thoughtful homemade gifts are the nicest
like a picture made into a card or
an oven fresh turkey(not the ones I work with)
The look on someones face says it all
"Hey I baked you a Turkey instead of the Nintendo game you wanted"
Moving on to some sad news here
Tis a busy season/ time of year
Teribabes said she's gonna quit blogging
I think you should click this link and email her Kinda like an online petition
Put some wind in her sails,Let her know what a good job she does
and how sad you would be if it stopped.

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