Monday, December 3, 2007

Boys Of Summer

I'm a guy that does as little as possible when it comes to shopping,
once in a while you gotta cowboy I did this weekend
It went rather well
I even found a deal
I would not say I hate shopping
I would not say I hate shopping malls
for some odd reason I just don't go shopping
I like the grocery shopping more then shopping at the mall
It's been probably close to a year since I been to
Intercity mall lots has changed so the walk around was enjoyable
Other then that Get in, get what you need and get out
Atsa da way to do it!
On the way in I won a radio contest Friday , not the hundred bucks :(
but some other contest where you had to name the song when they
read you the lyrics. I did and won a bunch of stuff
gotta pick that up and clean the house for the arrival of
TPM and The Tardis

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