Friday, November 30, 2007

Rico Was A Short Man

Lots of stuff on the brain this am
Just got paid and I'm broke
Just got the rent for Dec it's
I think Christmas will be a tough go.
I'm Thinking it's time for another job as much
as I have been avoiding that little fact
It's right here in black and white
-$457 and payday was yesterday
At least the heat is paid and the lights will be on till Jan
fuck sakes.....anyhoo as you probably heard before
I don't mind my job but some of the people here drive me
freakin insane, not all the people some.
So because I'm trying to keep myself sane
I'm coming up with different email addresses
I might change to something along these lines
least in my head Im laughing
"Ya email me" would be my response to everything
There's 2 weeks outta the month where the place is
almost turkey free, then there's the other 2 weeks.
Who knew turkeys were a herding animal?
The plus is it's Friday and the Turkeys will be gone
starting on Monday for 2 weeks,
ohhh the things I look forward to.

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