Friday, November 23, 2007

See Me Ride Out Of The Sunset, On Your Colour TV Screen

Can't get enough of the Icky Thump for some reason today I like that song
Today's title came from a song
Let's play a game of name the artist
If your good guess what song it is?
Mawno tonight, Gonna pack with the wolves better learn how to howl.
No snowmachine yet but The mission is to drink beer tonight , shoot a deer tomorrow and
decide if the birthday gift Idea is a good one while I'm out in the fresh air.
Fresh air is good for the brain, I have come to that conclusion
here's why EVERY time I come back from the great outdoors
I feel like a new man
refreshed and relaxed.
I need that
at least 4 times a year.
A quarterly release
I missed the last hunting trip
so this is gonna be well worth the wait.


Universal Thought said...

I know this is not the song you where asking about but I do belive this does apply to your blog.

The song is "Long time and running" by The Tragically Hip

"It's well worth the wait"

I am sure you where thinking about it when you wrote that line.

Teri said...