Monday, November 5, 2007

Round Here

The title is from the song Jason sung el karaoke
Downloaded that tune and believe it or not the voices are similar
Good job!
now get back on the horse do some blogging.
I think if I could karaoke I would sing that song, not that I'm a copycat
but it's a great song
Golden gaze is new to me but seems alright not so much my style of music however
Went to the farm last night to see the new moocows
rocked out to Sirius 19 hair nation
styx and van halen on the ride
they freshly paved the road on the way out there
Driven that road a trillion times but it was like I was somewhere else
no bump at the top of the hill, no washboard on the corner, fresh painted lines
and smooth....Freaky smooth
My poor jeep needs all the smoothness it can get
It's gotta make it through the winter
like a jeep jeep should.
2 more sleeps!

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