Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Denial Twist

A couple o days has passed since I been here for that I'm sorry.
No luck out hunting Whew knew a 1200lb moose
can hide so good, saw lots of tracks just nothing standing in em.
Lately I have been catching myself looking at popular and
not so popular travel destinations on the web
looking at world maps
Agreeing with myself where Indonesia really is
Day dreaming Costa Rica.
Wondering if there really could be a door
where there was no door before.
All because of a passport and
Now I know What an adventure travelling could be
Specially if you have a world traveller at your side
My problem is that in my list of life things I wanna do
I'm not sure where travel would fit
I want a country house
I want a nice boat for Superior
I want a garage to park the boat
I want a new jeep to pull the boat
and the list goes and goes
Where does travel fit
Who knows.
Somewhere between wants and needs?
Somewhere between money, the shortness of life and french sandwiches
Of course things always change with time
Travel is on the list now
not in lieu of anything just on the list
I simply never thought about, was financially capable
or was inspired to travel in the past.

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