Monday, November 19, 2007

Hollywood Nights

Cider I forgot about you
The hangover your so good at giving me
you wonder why your only around in winter
The alarm going off this morning was a reminder
that Dam tasty usually means no good for you
not an a weeknight
As usual the weekend flew by it was hard
to get up for work this morning
really hard, for a couple of reasons
so in protest I'm not gonna do much here today.

Contrary to popular belief
it's true you can hang clothes out on the line
even when it's -8
sure they freeze but eventually they dry
good smellin laundry it takes awhile but well worth it
Gonna put a clothes line up in the basement
just because I'm hoping the tenant will also use it, I cant wait
3 days when it's -40 for my laundry, less wear'n'tear on the dryer
and of course better on the hydro bill
A win win situation, twas the Tbirds Idea.

What's not a good idea is drunken trampolining
I'm gonna leave it at that.


Teri said...

wtf... drunken trampolining is a fantastic idea... ramming faces into hard surfaces is not.
that sounds dirty, and i didn't even mean it.
your pervyness is rubbing off on me....

khawk said...

heh,heh, you said "rubbing". heh, heh.