Friday, November 9, 2007

Serious Useless Info

Cause I'm a slacker, It's Friday and I probably wont post anything tomorrow
or I might but in case I don't, let it be known that tomorrow marks the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald.
The story of that shipwreck is intriguing and not cause there was a song about it.
Or maybe it is I dunno
Ask me why I know this and I would bore you with useless info Like
The boat was 728 ft long.
In other sad news I learned my favorite deli had to close it's doors due to new
health regulations.
He could not afford to purchase all the modern "hands free" equipment
now required by the ministry of health.
They made the best sausages known. The meat was a little pricey but quality was superb
I wish I knew before hand as I woulda made a last minute purchase x 10.
Don't forget about Rememberance Day Sunday!
Have a Good Weekend


The Man said...

I don't know why all the sentences got split when i published
Ahh well if you don't like it call your english teacher.

khawk said...

spelting is hurd. :(