Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So She's Leaving

620 am The 3rd alarm goes off and I'm up for work
Teri google is up packed and heading to Ottawa today
She starts the Tardis (10 min early) and I start the Apocalypse
"So She's Leaving" is on the radio
good song, I chuckle
Lunches in hand , We leave in different directions
It's her last trip to Ottawa and back
Unfortunately It's not my last trip to work, fuk sakes Anyhoo
By lunches I mean Homemade pizza from last night
made with love.......or at least with cheese, alot of cheese.
We went for a midnight walk
choosing direction Kai by bo style
not sure if she was happy with the route but
it was a nice to stroll, watch the snow and breath the fresh air.
Going to mawno this weekend Can't wait!
Doin some Hollywood hunting
drinking and eating
It's gonna be good for the mental health
and maybe the freezer.

1 comment:

Teri said...

are you kidding??? i loved the route. nothing beats re-living the freddy-hotel days, spying in peoples' windows (nice fridge!) and slipping on ice.
for real, i loved it.