Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pressure Points

How to twist your mind like a lemon well you can read this guy's blog
I'm not saying it's juicy but He's new, he just started blogging and I added him
I think he's a good writer like I said he's new so if ya like give it a read.
Ya know when you ask someone for advise or an opinion and they just have no clue so they make up something they think is a funny answer. In turn it just irritates you more
Note to self...... Look at who your asking and Don't ask them again.
Maybe my fuse is short this morning but the one thing I do know the midnight crew needs to use there head for more then a hat rack
Today's day crew is not much I think to myself What would Ms Doodle do?
Probably make fun of em in her head, have a Witty comment (they probably wouldn't get.)
Then go for a run to train for the tug of war competition.
I miss Ms Doodle!

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Teri said...

who is that masked man...?