Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lamby Joes And The Worry Wort

KHawk the mystery commenter should have his own blog
That being said ya'all should Email him and let him know
Like a petition, I think it would be great and trust me he has time.
Did you vote for Raymi yet?........Please do!
Are you not glad you showed up Now ya got some homework to do
cast a vote and send an email .....
Moving on here
Awoke before the sound of the alarm to the cell ringing
A sweet voice sounds better then any alarm clock
She's en route and almost here
I'm Happy and giddy.
Granted the recent time change was good for the extra sleep
my appetite has been severely messed cause of it tho
I'm freakin starving and it's 830am
I just want this day to go by fast
so far not so much.
I was thinking and looking not by choice
at train graffiti
as the cars rolled by I notice
some of it is really artsy and done well
So well it makes me wonder how much time was spent
doing it and how they got away doing it
midnight spray bomb????
Bonus...your art gets shown across the country
then you also get the shit morons spray
not so nice
sloppy and cheesy
kinda like my lunch.

1 comment:

khawk said...

*sighs, prepares to find many horse-porn links to e-mail Gold in retaliation...*

I should assume that a beer night this week is out if your going to have company that makes you "All Happy and Giddy", right?