Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Soup, Cordless Drills and Sperm Scratchers

In Better effort to pack with the wolves
I bought a brand new Delta compound mitre saw......for free
coming my way in 3-4 weeks did I tell you it was free!
The shipping too all free!
A long awaited purchase
I love Air Miles!
I also have a feeling Ms doodle will have me doing some kinda house project
Anything to bust out the power tools
The Cordless drill BTW this could be the best invention in the world
The table saw and now the Chop saw.
Next house projects include putting a bathroom shelf up.
Put a door on the porch to close it off from the kitchen
That's warm on the feet
A door with a cat door cut out of it
should be interesting
not the most cosmetic but it's only for winter.
Otherwise in January when it's -40
my furnace will be workin OT
heating downtown PA
and that's NFG!



Teri said...

bring out the drill.

khawk said...