Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The 33 second Package Man

There is something to be said about
Jalapeno and banana pepper pizza,
Besides the fact it's hot and tasty.
At 7:30 in the morning
It's a real eye opener........fuck coffee!
That will fire you up!
Not sure if I had the munchies, needed the calories
or had a craving for the spice
but wow wee my mouth is burning!
Had a hard time (no pun intended) waking up
this morning, not sure why we went to bed around 1am
Had a bit of a nightmare because I been trying to watch
Corner Gas, every time it's supposed to be on
It's not
I even saw a preview saying watch Corner Gas at 930pm
Monday or Tuesday
I tried 2 weeks in a row....not on!
Then they shoulda put another preview saying
hahahahaha sucker it's not on thanks for lookin!
It's an American controversy due to the Dam writers being on strike
My Opinion anyhow
Bonus at least the Canadian content will get more exposure/airtime
besides that I slept great.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed Corner Gas coming on at 4pm latley, just so you know!

The Man said...