Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't Go Swimming Past The Drop Off!

5 glorious days off
Been busy with the shopping and perogies
Why do people insist on me chasing them for there perogies?
After hounding(asking multiple times)
a certain someone for 6 weeks to pay for their order
I said fuck it and sold their order to someone else
today he is here at work
I bet you Mr blog that he will ask me about em today
gonna have to tell him he missed the bus
Back to the bet
In return if I win I get to post pictures of hotties
and I get free post ideas for a month from you
If I lose I will post a retarded picture of myself
followed up by my own post ideas
OK well I read some other great news
Probably does not mean much to y'all
but I'm eligible
Too bad I can't go anytime soon.
but I should take advantage of it just to have it
I'm gonna need help from ms Doodle on that one.
Moving on here
I'm not sure how much I will be blogging during the next week
being the crazy time of year so I would like to say
Thanks for reading and
Merry Christmas to you and to yours!

1 comment:

khawk said...

Have a happy holiday, friends. Beers perhaps, hopefully intermingled with an evening out with Hogey if he's free.