Friday, October 15, 2010

Foolish Games

Ahhh step by step I guess
The great debate now is, send a box home and MAYBE get it in 2 months
take all my newly acquired stuff on the flight home,
and pay the overweight charge/extra baggage fee
either way I'm payin...
However, if I take it with me I know i'll have it:)
looking at all this stuff here I think i'm just gonna pay at the airport.
I sent some stuff from Vietnam which has not arrived yet to my knowledge
gonna check on that today...
Been checking other stuff out too, but that seems to be running it's own course.

1 comment:

DoubleDee said...

Wow... you have memories to last a lifetime... never mind that you don't have a job, car or girl... you got stuff that alot of people will never get to experience... glad to here you're coming home soon... I'll keep my eyes open for some work for ya ... later my friend...