Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Giving Back

Last night was crazy fun!!!!:)
It's pouring rain, so I duck into this little Khmer food place,
order a beer and some kinda spice beef/veggie/rice/peanut combo.
Next door to my restaurant is a fish massage tank, you know the kind u
stick your feet in and the little fish eat all the dead skin.
Weirdest feeling ever! After about 5 minutes of squirming around it actually felt great.
Now, the fish massage was not why I went over there, There were 4 Cambodians sitting on the ground playing traditional instruments,clapping and generally carrying on.
I grab a beer, put my feet in the fish tank and listened to these guys rock out.
Before ya knew it I'm now in the band playing these hand bells!
Couple of other dudes came and sat down and they got one guy to be the drummer(bongo)
Cool and fun got some pics and clean feet to prove it!
Today was OK, went with my tuk tuk driver to the furthest temple out of town 36km
nice place, but crawling with busloads of people so every pic I got has a tourist in it :(
On the way back, we stopped at the landmine museum.
What an interesting and eye opening place
They say there is about 5,000,000 mines left unexploded on Cambodian soil,
killing and injuring people and animals every year.
The guy that runs the museum has been looking for and clearing mines for years.
(can't remember how many but judging by the collection he has...)
He runs the museum with about 12 staff and there is an orphanage/boarding house and school for child mine victims. If they do well in their studies, the centre gives them a scholarship to a university or trade school
The guy who started the mine clearing was declared a hero in 2010 and is getting interviewed with CNN on Thursday(show to air in November)
Pretty cool eh!

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