Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So I Drew A New Face, And I laughed.

well this is fun, I'm in a little town
a little poor town, the roads should be dirt but they are not
if they were, it would match the infastructure of the place.
I arrived to this little place called Chau Doc last night at 3am
me being me and not having a plan isn't a smart thing when you arrive at 3am.
I pick a hotel recommended by the lying planet
knock knock...wait
knock knock....wait
no one around
hmmmm well time to go for a walk 330am
I find the second place and try again
knock knock
A dude answers and I'm in luck...so I think
he opens the door and with a friendly 345 am voice he says
"no room" and closes the door
hmmmm, now I am contemplating life on the street in this strange poor place
I look down the road and see a dude or a group standing around a fire in the middle of the road...well not walking that way I think to myself
By this time I have attracted the attention of the local motorclyle taxi's and the cyclo drivers. I politely tell them to buzz off and carry on wandering.
I found a hotel and managed to wake someone up at about 415am to check me in
The place isn't pretty but it works, I guess.
Today, is a new day and I awake at 1030am, walk down to the river which I know where it is because of the walking I did last night.
I hire a boat guy to take me for a tour
A rusty old boat with a very loud motor
We tour around and see floating markets and some shitty temple.
He takes me back and I go for lunch.
What's for lunch you ask?
I'm not exactly sure but it was something that resembled a street meat sandwich.
Was OK a baguette sort a thing
Im happy, me belly is full and I'm going for a walk
I booked a boat to Phenom Penn tomorrow am
Cambodian holiday!
I think things are going ok, walking I notice the different types of sports in this town:
People here sleep in hammocks or on benches
People here play cards or checkers
People here fix they're scooters or bicycles
People here like to watch the only foreigner in town walk by
People here like to say hi and then giggle when I say hi back
People here like to drink the local beer and talk really loud
I also noticed alot of random chickens on the street
chickens in the tv shop
chickens in the garages
chickens in the parking lots
there is also alot of cats and dogs running around
as I sit here in this internet cafe there are 4 cats and 2 dogs within spitting distance of me.
Off to people watch the people watching me
sounds creepy eh....well it is!

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Al* said...

Doesnt sound like the best place you have been to yet?! And wow, you are brave - to walk around a strange place and try to find your way around....craziness! Exciting & Scary all at the same time I bet!!
Miss you my brother - keep on with the blog writing!