Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beach Bums

Well Koh Phangnan is nice
I decided to get away from the party scene
and went to the north coast of the island.
Well, let me tell ya I was away from the party scene and
everything else in the world
saw like 5 people in 30+ hours!
Beach was nice,saw some crabs eating a dead fish!
The bungalow was not so nice, but what can u expect for 5 bux a night?
Met some hippe dude, who happened to be my bungalow neighbour
He was OK, but a little to far out of his brain to be the only person to talk to, so that got old fast. LOL
Today I relocated back to party central.
Rooms are up in price because the full moon party is around the corner.....
now I'm paying 20 bux a night, but hey I have warm water, power and a sink!
Got a sunburn on my back today I guess travelling alone does have some disadvantages,
like you cant reach your whole back with the suncream
Ahhh well, hopefully the burn will fade into a tan :)

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