Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Ascending To Outer Space, To Find Another Race

Full moon party was fun, but really not my scene
I'm gonna guess maybe 20,000 ppl in attendance!
Was fun to watch the drunk as shit ppl passed out and stumbling around :)
Left the day after the party and took a flight to Phuket
a couple islands to visit then the party is OVER
back to Canada I go :(
I am sad, but it will be a refreshing change of pace.
Peoples relationship with animals and the amount of stray dogs and cats
you see in SE Asia is starting to get to me,I mean they are everywhere, picking through garbage and sleeping on the street.
Granted there is nothing I can do, but I feel bad for the dogs and cats.


DoubleDee said...

You gotta save as many dogs & cats as you can before you leave... LOL I feel so bad for them too.. couldn't imagine my 3 lasting there too long... glad you are having fun, my friend... enjoy !!

Alkamoia said...

I would love to travel Asia the way you have, but the only thing that would stop me from doing so, is seeing all the cats and dogs astray - it would absolutely break my heart! But as you say, its different culture, different priorities, different way of life? And you just cant interfere with their way of life - but it must be hard to see for sure! Get ready for 4 dogs in Eddski's (LOL ha ha)....