Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Morning Vietnam!

Been awhile eh! yeah I keep meaning to write on here, but somedays I just keep my thoughts to my self. The brain has been busy, let me tell you beer Larue!
Compared to Korea, the internet in this part of the world is sketch at best!
Where do I start? How about with the saying that never gets old here:

U buy something from me?
very cheap, ahhh common u buy from me!

I hear this 90000000 times a day in my Vietnam travels, but Im having alot of fun!
Spending too much $$, but ya only live once!
People in poor countries want one thing and one thing only
The cash in your wallet!
I have become quite good at the "haggle" or so I think :)

Let me tell you a story about a little company called Trekking travel
You can purchase an open ended bus ticket, which means I can go from Hanoi to Ho Chi min city and get off at any town in between for a few days, then get on the next bus heading south till I want to stop again and so on until I get to the last stop Ho Chi Min city. The bus is called a sleeping bus, in the picture it looks fantastic so I think to my self I'll bite. I buy a ticket $42 US for the open ended deal. I get on the luxury liner in Hanoi and my planned stop is Hue about 600km away. This is where it gets good. First I don't fit in the seats, the road is like a wagon trail and the bus moves at about 50km/hr. I tried to sleep NOPE not happening I tried to get comfortabel NOPE not happening so I stood up most of the ride.. 13 fuckin hours later I get to Hue! If I was to buy a one way ticket on the bus from Hanoi to Hue it would cost $10. I go to the travel place to get a refund they gave me $12 so in reality I paid $30 for the ride or the equivilant of three tickets! Fuckers!
It worked out well though, I hired a motorcyle guide to take me around Hue and 150km to Hoi ann where I am now. He showed me lots of tourist stuff and even more non tourist off the beaten path things like US military bunkers, a remote fishing village, one of the coolest views I have ever seen from way up in the mountains of Hivan pass and a crystal clear waterfall and pool that has a huge rock elephant above it, I went swimming there and wow was it nice! He made some money off me I treated him well because I was happy so I made sure he was too I think with dinner and lunch (plus the driving) he made $75 off me...I don't mind because I saw stuff I never would have seen from the shitbus! When we went to the fishing village, I was taking pics of the water and the boats, when I turned around there were about 40 kids surrounding me like I was George clooney or something LOL They all said Hello in English and then some vietnamese words which I found out after translated to" give me a dollar please" LOL Anyway I tlked with them and took some pics!
I am going to a lantern festival tonight here and I booked a flight to my next beach town on Thursday for $50 Not going by bus thats for sure 615 km.
I do miss Korea believe it or not I find myself thinking or speaking of it often. I miss the people I met there, the food I ate there and of course Teri and the cats. I am coming home in November to TBay but I may head out again in January unless some job god throws me something that would be to hard to let go. I guess time will tell! Well I am signing off here and will try to be back when I can Hope all is well with you and come back soon...u buy something from me?

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Teri said...

at the rate you're spending money, you're not going to have any left to donate to the little kids or the beach hawkers... :) reign it in, Crusoe!