Saturday, April 17, 2010

X saves The World

Been a long time since I have posted.....
You probably know that!
Well not much to say these days
Taking a geography course through the university of Manitoba to keep my brain occupied it is 100% online and something to do
I learned two little interesting things the last few weeks:
90,000 people a day go through Seoul Station
That's the population of Thunder bay LOL That's also pretty freakin busy
Dog Soup costs $13 a bowl not that I ate it or want to eat it but I popped into one of very many "dog" restaurants to see how much the shit sells for...
You get some funny looks from the locals when you go into or around these "potion-tung" restaurants
Going to Taipei in two weeks, looking forward to that! A whilwind adventure of a weekend it will be....might I also say cheap at $350 round trip tickets!
That's about all I have at this point but hopefully we'll talk to ya soon!

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Teri said...

are you ever going to post again?