Saturday, July 10, 2010

Counter Productive

Well, It's time to give up the beer for awhile
Time to "hop on the wagon" so to speak
Problem is I like beer, and it's so cheap here..water seems expensive!
However, as of the past days events it's time to gear down.
I type this post from a stand up computer terminal in Gimpo airport S.Korea
Why am I here and not in Japan???
a few beers + lack of sleep= miss my morning flight
So,I'm on my way shortly but I lost out on a day.
Been doing well in my Geography,only one assignment to go!
So far so good!
The plan is look for a new course to take and keep goin with it
maybe get into Oceans and fisheries type job eventually if I pick the right courses.
There's a marine college in Nova scotia that trains people to be coastgaurds
probably really expensive to attend, but Im lookin into it.
That would be cool!
Before I step back on my home turf, I'm planning a month vacation/treat for myself
Southeast asia seems to stick out but im looking around.
Vietnam,Thailand,Cambodia,Laos and any other god dam hot country I can squeeze in!
After all end of October in Canada is dam close to winter.
Gonna miss the moose hunting but Im sure PBear(and group) will shoot one anyway if Im there or not
Well gotta run here I have a Korean man standing beside me wondering why this white guy is typing up a storm when he needs the computer.
Check in later skaters!

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