Friday, July 2, 2010

Small Town Hometown Bringdown

Had a great Canada day, in the wrong country!
it was nice to have all the canadians here in the same bar
Tragically Hip cover band and Moosehead beer = A good night.
Going to Tokyo in 8 days and man I'm looking forward to that
Going solo, never have I done that
it should be a learning curve.
Hopefully the weather is good... as of late, every weekend it's freakin raining.
trying to email people at I really wish I had a phone
If ya wanna call me (country code that I cant remember)8210-7217-6942
Sad that Korea lost in the world cup race, they deseved that game three times over but couldn't put it in the net.
Been super lazy the last two weeks no gym and lots of beer ohhh ya and I can't forget the new show(to me) I been watching called "the wire" hooked like crack I am on that show, I mean it's no Deadliest catch but it's great!
Everything seems normal here in regards to the yo yo's that live in N Korea
hope so anyhow, there's been a lack of fighter planes and choppers flying over my neighbourhood lately so, thats my guess.
Why is it because Im leaving here soon
I start to make all these great connections?
Maybe I'll have to come back one day..
you know there's no jobs in TBay!

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