Monday, November 16, 2015

Winning Popularity Contests

I bought a FitBit it’s pretty cool and it has helped motivate me to walk more.Unfortunatly though it makes an eczema  type rash on my wrist. I like it though (the fit bit, not the rash).
I have also stopped drinking Pepsi. It’s been a week and a half I don’t miss it really. I used to drink 2-5 a day and it was getting out of control. Lost 5 pounds too.
Birthday was fun! Drank way too much and was hurting for 2 days LOL I also managed to piss some people off... meh I’m forty now and don’t really care. That’s a lie; I do care, but what’s done is done!
Really I only care about one person(that I pissed off), and I’m hoping she’ll get over it. She is a longtime friend(20+ years) and we kind of have a flirty relationship (she doesn’t live here or in Tbay) and texting after several Jagar is not a good idea (incase you needed advice) << Don’t do what I did!
Work seems to be picking up again and I’m hoping it stays that way. Not to curse it but all this time off is making me stir crazy. I can’t go anywhere incase they call and there’s only so much you can do without spending money. Well i’m off to the bar! Cheers!

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