Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ocean

For someone who is off work temporarily
I'm a busy freakin kid .....
Makes me wonder how I got it all done working two jobs
Speaking of two jobs, I am not gonna do that anymore
I owe the government of Canada $1200 fuckin dollars because I worked two jobs
Never again!
Granted I did have my money all year but what insentive is it to work hard if you'll owe some back come tax time?
One legit job and some cash jobs on the side that's it!
If your reading this government my second income will be..... cash or nothing
Cash on the dash or home on the couch
You try to work to get ahead, tax time rolls around Boom right back where you started.

Things I have noticed since I been off and had some time around:

Traffic lights are fuckin brutal; Does the city guy who controls them even drive?
People who wear sunglasses in the mall make me laugh.....and there is lots of em
There is people on facebook no matter what time I log on
my neighbourhood has lots of drama
my neighbours to the left are nosey
I have had it with some people, Ask for a favor and they disappear
The man is the man that's it no questions!
I have become a homebody and really enjoy it
My phone does not ring like it used to
chopsticks are cool and way better than a fork
smokers really do stink.... never noticed before but now I sure do
Prime rib is my favorite steak
I like walking in new shoes

Anyhoo I will be back here as much as I can as things start to mellow
Ps- I'm now a certified TEFL Teacher I passed my course!

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Universal Thought said...

Sounds like that passport is going to come in handy!!