Monday, February 21, 2011

What Have I Become? My Sweetest Friend

I realized today I am famous for starting stuff and leaving it half done
Gonna work on that little problem of mine
Starting with:

-the floor at the top of the stairs
-the winerack
-the guitar i’m supposed to be learning
-Securing my newly set up time capsule
-doing more school work in a day
-The great book I started to read

After that, i’m sure there will be more “projects” to tend to, like this blog for example, haven’t quite figured out what i’m gonna do with it yet. Blogger seems to be acting a little strange these days, I may switch to something like word press, or an alternative host.
The little map gadget is pretty cool, it tracks the site visitors and who knew so many people actually stop by...Thanks! Although sometimes I feel like I haven’t got much for ya!

PS- Send money :)

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