Monday, March 14, 2011


I often find myself spaced out and thinking of the life I used to live.
It’s hard to “exist" in this part of the country. I wonder how I did it before?
Ohh that’s right I worked two jobs, had a rental income, and ended up owing the government money at the end of the year.
So, now I work one and am poor.
It’s no win-win situation I tell ya!

In parts of Asia, there is no welfare system..basically you get off your ass and find some kinda income or you starve and nobody cares. I am 100% in agreement with this
If your handy capped and can’t work I don’t have a problem paying for you.
If your lazy than starve!
Even if I wanted to work two jobs again there is nothing but shit jobs out there for a guy like me
and I end up paying for lazy asses through our wonderful tax system!

On a side note:
I can’t even get Thai curry on a Sunday WTF? Ok that’s a lie, but the place(the only place) that serves REAL curry is closed on Sundays.
Maybe, I’ll just sell it all...everything I own and move to Thailand.


Anonymous said...

neat travel lots. how come you went back to your home town? why not just go somewhere else?

The Man said...

I would love to, but money is tight these days! As soon as I can I will get back on the road :)