Monday, April 25, 2011

Meatloafers VS Wondergirls

Days are busy, nights are busy too, (making days even more busy if I sleep in).
Lots to do before the move, 10 days to go.
Working until 2 days before I go, not that I want to, but I need the cash...
Should be able to pack the day before I go and not inconvenience myself while I’m still here
step by step is all I can do until then.

People are funny, I have been here 4 months and didn’t really see anyone
Now I’m leaving and people want to hang out...bittersweet I guess, but funny too!
Had a girl I know ask me to go out for a beer to play catch up
Have not seen her in like 12years (maybe 15)? She’s nice but I politely brushed her off, and told her I work nights (which is true)
So, she catches me online this past weekend and was annoyed that I made plans to go out with my buddy. See people are funny! I have not seen u in years...really what’s another day??
I’m not interested in a date, or a catch up, or hanging out. I’m just interested in Sean Time
Sounds selfish I know and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the offers.
Maybe I’m going crazy or finally realized something about me.
The old Sean is nowhere to be found, just like the girl I want to play catch up with!
If you know the wondergirls; as much as Im not a fan, you know the song I’m singing.

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DoubleDee said...

OMG... I thought you were gonna say a girl wanted you to go to Ohio with her... LOL :)