Sunday, August 28, 2011


This is not where I live, its where I used to live.
Life in the rat race is as good as can be expected. I put a lot of hours in this week, so generally I’m pretty tired.
On Thursday night I’m working at the liquor store, and in comes what seems to be a normal fellow. I direct him to the bottle of Absinthe he was after and he proceeds to pay for his purchase.
Payment complete, he stops and looks right at me and says “ I don’t like your shirt”  I say why too many colours for you? He says no, I like the shirt but not on you, you need a goth look, ya know black hair, leather jacket and something more that suits you. I’m like OK I’ll get right on that!
Last night two what I think are younger girls come in. They come up with a bottle of wine. I ask for ID and they both have it. I check one girls it’s fine. The other girl was fumbling around in a pink Guess purse tryin to find it.....Finally it comes out, and I look, unbeknownst to me - “she” is a “he". I say do u have another piece of ID this says your a boy. He replies yeah I am a boy, and shows another piece of ID. I said no judgement I’m sorry for the mistake, he’s like I get that all the time.
Lady boys in Edmonton....whew knew!

In other news:
Have you ever worked with someone that drives you absolutely insane?
I have this pleasure 5 days a week- 8 hours a day!
He is a nice guy, but likes to argue about everything! I mean me being me, I have started a social experiment with him as my lab rat.
I’ll let you know how it turns out, if I don’t strangle him first.

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