Saturday, April 6, 2013

Earth Rocker

Another uneventful weekend so far. I quit the job I started 2 weeks ago. Good bunch of guys work there, however it wasn't for me. Going back to the Xray business Monday. Wish me luck :)

Getting sick of the barstool prophets, but out of boredom I go anyway. I think the bartender added some drinks to my tab last night. Guess I will keep count when he is working.

Had a good chat with Mr Pancake  the other day. Was good to catch up!

Life is pretty funny sometimes. I guess when your'e in your late thirties your'e supposed to have your shit together as far as a career. I'm all over the place in my hunt for the perfect way to make income. Hopefully the new company will keep me happy for a while and I hope I can keep them happy too!

Speaking of happy, I'm going to see Clutch tomorrow night!

Yeah buddddddy!

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