Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hitting The Bird

If you remember, “Hitting the bird” is a term or slang that refers to budding in line.
Not much hitting for me these days, I just patently wait my turn.
I am formulating a plan, to go to Korea in February...I’m looking forward to it in so many ways!
I miss it there, but I’m glad to be here. It’s a weird feeling for a one man wolf pack!
Well the one man wolf pack had expanded to two! That in its self is pretty exciting!!
This is the QR code for my site! In my semi-nerdiness I made one! I could get it made into stickers, but I don’t type enough to attract attention here!

I won ten bucks in the lottery today, I said there is not enough zeros in my prize, so the guy laughed and handed me the most wrinkled ten he could find!

New (gently used) car is AOK! Of course someone drove into it in the second day I owned it, but it was a scratch and added character! I like it because I can sleep later, and get home earlier from the rat race.
Days turn into nights--turn into weekends and turn into days---what does that turn into? Who knows!

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