Saturday, June 13, 2015

Girl You Want Me To Chase You? I Don’t Even Chase My Whiskey.

Hello there, 
I haven’t been here apparently since 2013. The good news(for some) is that I’m still alive and things are AOK!  Truth is I don’t think to come here much. I’m not the type to air my dirty laundry especially when I know people read this. Once in a while I think I should air it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (which I don’t tweet often), but I don’t. That doesn’t leave much to chat about.
 There’s been a bit of “life” happening as well.
I sold my house in my hometown and re located to the place I’ve been living for the last 4 years. Do I like it here? In some aspects I do and in some I don’t. Guess that is the same everywhere. The only thing keeping me here is my Job, so far that’s OK, but I’m starting to wonder.

I met a girl I actually liked. For me finding a “girlfriend” is pretty easy, but finding one I like proves to be a challenge. I thought things were going well and turns out not so much. What drives me nuts is people who always have their phone in hand and answer your texts 2 hours later if at all. When we first started dating she used to text me, call me all the time. Then she “flaked" out and became distant. I get that people aren’t always good together, but I thought I would at least get a reason why she decided to vanish. She finally told me I didn’t put enough effort into seeing her. and always expected her to come to me.  I responded with an apology and some questions, and she was gone again! Eventually I got fed up and told her “you have all this time to post on FB, but can’t take 12 seconds to answer me”  Take care, I’m done.
She responded with I’m not going to fight with you, Goodnight.
No answers to my questions, and she blocked me from FB. Normally I don’t care, but for some reason this one got to me.
I’m going to try to blog more now, as I actually missed it, now that I’m done writing this post.

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