Monday, June 29, 2015

Boat Drinks

Works slow.
I hurt my back last week and needed a few days off; Check that, I said I needed a few days away from climbing ladders, but I can work if there is a shop(and there are), where all work is on the ground.
Anyway now this week has Canada day right in the middle of it so chances are not much work wise is going to be done.
I don’t mind enjoying the summer, but would like to work enough to pay the rent and not dip in to my  savings.
Been thinking about giving up my trade and going back to work for the city. I’d have a schedule, a steady income, straight days, and be off by 3pm! Those are a few pros.;
The cons are the money would be cut in half, no taking holidays whenever I like, and I like my job when I’m working.
The girl situation is obsolete(the trainwreck for obvious reasons, and the one I liked).
I’m OK with that, but would like to find a suitable match one day.

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