Friday, July 31, 2015

Summertime And The Living’s Easy

My Jeep is at the Doctor. I should get it back today, and being the start of the long weekend, I really hope that happens! They gave ma a rental. Dodge Charger. It’s pretty peppy, but I really am not a car guy. Nor can I afford the photo radar bombs I would get if I drove it full time LOL

Last week was insanely busy at work. This week not so much.
I care but, not really as it’s summertime. I also hate waiting around to see if the phone rings
I’m debating turning it off for the Summer.
Probably won’t have a job come Winter if I did that LOL Meh
I’ve also been debating buying another house. I like where I live(neighbourhood wise) in my shoebox apartment, but would like a garage to tinker in
I also don’t want to get into a 400k mortgage. That means I’d have to work and when work is slow I would be stressed. Living’s not so easy when you’re stressed

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