Thursday, January 22, 2009


Most people would say the next number is 12
Not in Gold's world
Lemme tell ya
Sometimes it is frustrating
Sometimes it seems freakin ridiculous
But I wish I could just get some kinda answer that fits,
an answer that is attractive
I have a few things on the go since I been layed up at home
the best answer I got so far " in September"
Unless I come up with 10k by Friday
witch last time I checked is freakin tomorrow !
Not trying for the poor me approach here or anything
but like I said it's frustrating
Ms D says I should try to improve myself somehow
in my time at home ......I think she is right, it is a very good idea
I have the time
I have a laptop
I have the ability to upgrade or educate myself
except I'm home now
Not in September!

Ps -Send Money :)

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