Friday, January 9, 2009

Cubically Contained Book Learnin

Been a hell of a week and it's only Friday
Lots going on in the four walls I'm confined to
Emails back from people with less then desirable results
I looked in to a Purchasing course online and locally
Denied till fall 2009 at the earliest
still lookin , but WTF is it a sign
Health is improving and moral is not
Guitar chords are coming along
slowly and I mean Slowly
I get a few visitors from time to time
peeps that have days off witch is nice
Some I have called and have not heard
back from witch I wonder about
It's not like I got the flesh eating disease or anything
Ms D works alot
too much in our opinions
We were chatting and it should not be like this
so now there is something crazy in "the works"
All I have to do is get better.

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