Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Feels Like Time Ain't Time At All

I have a new phobia
Bridges...yup with cars on em
Not crossing them, but going underneath on the walking path
6 lanes of traffic are above maybe a subway car?
Out for a walk today and this new phobia hit, had visions of the bridge crumbling
or collapsing as I walked under
I started thinkin, as I walked a little faster
Korea is a country with not alot of space and a shit load of people
so they build things up as there is not enough room to build flat
30 story apartment buildings are common and to give a better example
We live in a building that has 12 floors of apartments above ground
It also has 7 floors below street level
A parking garage, Sauna, and who knows what else is down there.
Some subway stations are about 8 stories underground
you know when your there because to catch your train or transfer to a different train
requires alot of stairs to go down
Complete shopping malls that go for blocks and blocks all underground
My point is sometimes you don't know if your actually on "ground level"
Take an escalator up and walk out there's cars ya look down off a bridge that you just came up to and there's cars
Maybe I should stop walking and thinkin but this is my alternative
Subway ride anyone?

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