Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Florida Without The Ocean

Had a little time on my hands and decided to venture up to a "tourist attraction" in Northwest Seoul called Seodaemun Prison A place where the Japanese tortured and killed many Korean people in the early 1900's.
The pictures I took don't really justify the erie feeling you get when on the tour. I must admit in a weird way it was a little funny because they're wax mannequins screaming from the cells. One kinda not so funny moment I had and saw in there, was the scratch marks on the floors and concrete walls of the cells counting days, (I'm guessing) something that resembled a checker board, and people's names. There was one area on the tour where you can't take pictures, it was a old wooden building surrounded by 15ft concrete walls. A trap door on the floor inside the building, where people were hung and then carted out a secret tunnel to be disposed of.......Two trees grow outside of the building, one on each side of the concrete wall....the one on the outside is a fully grown tree,the one on the inside has barely grown at all, a sign says it's because of the martyrs and what happened in those four walls. More info on the link above but for now here's some pictures....

Memorial plaque

Japanese courtroom in the prison

Water torture

A cell inside and an inmate getting brought to the torture area

On a lighter note, I bought this mask in China and hung it by our bed;
Teri does not like that idea very much!

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Alkamoia said...

Those pictures are powerful! Must of been so eerie to be in there, given the full history and picturing what had happened. Every culture has undergone their "tortures, wars, etc", eh?! Well, Happy Remembembrance Day!!!!!!