Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Feet Hit The Floor In Exactly The Same Place

Free prize to whomever can figure out what this picture is about.......I have no idea ???
Went on a little road trip to Daejeon this weekend, outside the KTX terminal there were pieces of art on the walls. I took pictures of some, this one included however I "get" what the others are about no freakin clue about this!
Still wearing shorts and it's November 1st, although today was a little chilly around supper time Took a trip into Seoul and walked around for the day lots to see there but it's nice to come back to the "new" suburb of Bundang. The bonus about it being chilly out is the air doesn't smell as bad in Seoul, like in the summer.......

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Anonymous said...

Its got something to do with torture, and the clown got the last laugh! Boire