Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where's My Head Gone?

Ahhh Sunday, the day I look forward to going exploring in the massive city I decided to call home for the time being. Truth be told I spend alot of time here alone. Ms D is out doing her thing and I could sit at home doing nothing or go exploring. Today I really wanted to go and it's raining :(
ohh by the way I wore shorts out and about yesterday...pretty good for November 28th

Anyhow in other news I joined the gym in the basement of our building, the first time in my life I actually owned a gym membership. It's been good so far, it has all the work out stuff you can imagine, a sauna with a 짐실봉 (a bunch of whirl pools with different stuff in em) The best part is nobody is ever in the gym and all I have to do is hop in the elevator and I'm there!
Fell off the no-beer wagon this weekend but at least I rained it in a little It's a bumpy road in a country that loves to over indulge in alcoholic beverages!
Been trying to learn some stuff on the guitar it's not going that well Internet guitar lessons can only take you so far I guess.... I'm plunkin away at er and I might try to find a place in our area to take some lessons offered in English of course>> this should be interesting.

I also learned and I'm not sure how true it is but Korean kids have a slang term for budding into a line they call it "hit the bird" I kind of like it and have now adopted the saying as my own after all it was a guy named Sean that told me about it!

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