Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The feel I'm on top again baby,That's got everything to do with you hoo hoo...

I Had better titles but OK it's
Rock n roll jeopardy time!
Name the song the title came from......
I'll give you a hint it's a semi- cheesy 80's tune.
A little while ago I told ya all I'm workin on a birdhouse
my new chop saw is great but It's takin way longer then expected.
I hope there is no homeless birds in my neighbourhood
because I think Noah built the ark faster
This is how it came about:
I'm outside in the yard and I hear this voice
It's me God - Sean
S- Ya
God- Build a birdhouse
S- A what
God- A birdhouse
S - who is this?
God- It's me God
S- Right
S- You want me to build a birdhouse
God- Yes Build a birdhouse
for the homeless birds
S- right
Believe it or not that kinda freaked me out
and project birdhouse was born!
On a side not this is where I stole my little ditty


Anonymous said...

"I'm Alive" is the name of the song, as for who sings it, it's playin in my head, but i can't figure out who it is!!

Anonymous said...

Love & Rockets