Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring Starts With A Heartbeats Pounding

WOW What an interesting weekend
Even tho I took a day off on Friday
The weekend just flew by
We ended up at the Folklore festival Sunday
Walked around and ate almost everything except for The haggis
We rolled outta there stuffed
Decided to go for a walk to get the food moving
once we got home.
On the way We stumbled on a dishwasher at a yard sale
A nice dishwasher A 2005 Kenmore black in colour for $100
They deliver and we were walking so we bought it
among other things I could carry like a fish tank
Now the fun of where to put the dishwasher
Do I want to lose a cupboard or not??
It will be a pain in the ass to install however
Ms Doodle will be happy and So will I
A little link from one of my favorite websites
I like to share cool info with all youKool-Aid drinkers!

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