Thursday, May 8, 2008

Musta Got Lemon Juice Up In Your Eye

Also frustrating :
In today's paper there is an article from Duluth Minnesota
Apparently a driver hit a dog and the dog was killed
Sad but the dog was running at large,
now it turns out
The driver is suing the dogs owner for the damage to his vehicle
Now I understand as a pet owner you are responsible for it's actions
but... If you just killed my best friend and now your suing me for money
I would give you a baseball bat upside the head free of charge!

Now cruising through the day alot of things irritate me but
I look forward to a great many things that help me get through the day
One of witch is 3:15 , blogging and cooking but First and foremost it is Ms doodle coming home when I'm home after work.

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