Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Save The Planet, The Most Pessimistic Song I Know

I think We ALL get the message here........
People have different things to look forward to
Stuff that makes them happy
If your already happy or at least content, should you have a goal?
Of Course!
If it's for yourself or one common goal for you and yours
it does not matter Have ONE at least
So I got to thinking with a little inspirational help from the king of the castle
To tell ya the truth, thinking is as far as I got
don't worry lots has been buzzing around my head
goals for me , goals for us, goals for the planet, Goals versus dreams
the ways and means to make them happen
meaning if the goal can become a reality them make it happen
you owe it to yourself or someone like you!!
that's all
Now flip a shitty and Go Recycle something!
The dirty rascal

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