Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Change Yourself Into something You Love

Went to sit in on a friends school today for two reasons
One to see how she teaches, plans for lessons ect.... Also to pick up one of our boxes we shipped from Canada containing who knows what, took two trains and a bus to get home
It was fun!
It's been crazy hot here everyday, I love it until I have to walk up our street which is at the base of a mountain, Im soaked in sweat and it is about a six min walk up!
There is a park near our house called Youldong park, it's a lake with walking trails and badminton courts super nice to walk around they also offer bungee jumping for $25 bucks off this huge tower in the middle of the lake! Maybe next payday!
There is a four prop bomber plane that fly's in left handed circles around the city for probably 10 hrs out of every 24hr day, I been trying to get a picture of it, because it fly's pretty low. I'm not sure if it is American or Korean but if it keeps flying around there not gonna have any fuel left if the war breaks out!
Gotta run be back soon with pictures I hope!

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The plane! The plane!